How to choose the park type

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How to choose the park type

The park type does not directly define the income. Parks are built in the open air and indoors, on trees or on artificial props, and they are made of modules. Profitable park is located in populous area and it is not boring to be in it.

To choose a rope park you need to:

  • evaluate attendance of a place, available space and limitations;
  • choose a park type with consideration of place’s specifics;
  • to define a project budget, which trails to build before opening and which ones — later.

Place for a park

Adventure park justifies its price after one—two seasons

Adventure park’s success depends on its location. Location defines a park type, number and configuration of trails, target audience and how soon it will be justified.

Attendance of a place is more important than height of trees and plainness of surface. The main thing for a park is to be located on available place with well-developed infrastructure, within convenient reach and where many people spend their holidays. Territory of shopping or sports complex, camp site, city park or square will do.

It is important to be attractive for the target audience

It is not necessary for a park to occupy much space and to consist of trails for all levels of training. It is more essential to define the most numerous group of potential visitors and to build trails for them. There are many children with parents in city parks and in shopping complexes, while extreme-sportsmen and adventure travellers can be found in ski centers. If the target audience turns out to be wider — the park can be rebuilt or extended.

Treewalk village

The most common type of parks. Requires minimum investments. The higher the trees and the larger the territory, the more various the trails are and the more interesting the park is.

Maximum height of the trails is limited by width of trees. For trunks with 20 centimeters diameter — 1 meter, for 25-30 centimeters — 3 meters above ground. Trails above 5 meters require trunks with diameter of 35-40 centimeters.

Any kind of tree will be suitable for park, except poplar, which has a fresh wood. Larix is the best for it: it grows very high and strong, and its fallen needles cover the ground with soft layer that is very pleasant to walk on.

Without nails and screws

Construction of the park doesn’t harm the trees. During assembly the dry branches are cut off so that they don’t fall on visitors. Park elements are fixed on trees without nails and screws. After dismantle, the park leaves only slight rubbing marks on barks.

It’s possible to create a paintball court under the trails, to place garden-houses. You can also stretch zip lines between the tasks and to place a climbing wall.

Treewalk village — Adventure Seekers


  • The park doesn’t require artificial props, it’s easy to construct.
  • Height of park is limited by height and width of trees.
  • Long and various trails that are built in several storeys.
  • It’s fresher under the trees in hot weather.


  • Attendance depends on weather. There are less visitors in winter, especially on working days.
  • It’s very dirty in autumn and in spring. Requires pathways and extra pairs of shoes, otherwise it will be necessary to clean the tasks.
  • It’s difficult to find frequented spot with appropriate trees within a city.

High rope course

If there’s no suitable trees, the park can be built on artificial props. The props are placed randomly, which makes it possible to build parks of any form. Park stretches in — line, passes round buildings and waterways. The props are additionally secured with guy ropes, so they need some additional space.

10 meters is three storeys of trails

Height of a high rope course is no more than 10 meters.

The props are made of glued laminated timber and of regularized round timber. Glued laminated timber is longer and stronger, but it’s 3 times as expensive. Maximal length of timber props is 9 meters, of beam props — 12 meters. Artificial props serve at least 10 years.

Props are secured in ground. Placement of props shall be authorized by the number of authorities and administrations. Placement of props is not allowed in some recreational parks.

Adventure park on artificial props - Adventure Seekers


  • Trails configuration does not depend on trees.
  • Territory of any form will work.
  • Length and complexity of trails depend only on location of props.


  • Attendance depends on weather. There are less visitors in winter, especially on working days.
  • Props and their assembling increase the park budget.
  • Height of park depend on height of props: no higher than 10 meters.
  • Setting of props requires approval.

Module park

For places without trees and where it’s forbidden to place props

Module park is perfect for plain areas without trees and where it’s impossible to place props. It turns out to be compact and rich.

Park is built of standard box-like modules of 6-7 meters. Modules are made of glued laminated timber and of metallic constructions.

Park blocks can easily make any squared shape. Park can be disassembled and moved to another place or moved to a warm place for winter. It’s placed on concrete or bulk foundation on a ground surface.

Adventure park made out of module constructions - Adventure Seekers


  • Doesn’t need large area and rationally uses space.
  • Any surface will work: grass, asphalt, floor.
  • The park can be easily disassembled for moving.


  • Standard blocks of beams and of metallic screws increase cost of park.
  • Task lengths are limited by module length: 6-7 meters.
  • Ground surface requires a foundation.

Indoor park

Works in any weather, 365 days a year

Indoor parks are designed for specific buildings: shopping and entertainment or sports complexes, ex-manufactory rooms or exhibition pavilions.

Structures of adventure parks are fixed on building supports, secured to ceiling frames, combined with module constructions.

Length and difficulty of trails depend on building specifications and on available space. It is impossible for a non-specialist to evaluate room’s applicability according to pictures, so it’s necessary that an engineer visits the place.

Indoor “Adventure Seekers” adventure park


  • Park works all the year around and in any weather.
  • Extensive infrastructure if it’s located in sports or shopping complexes.
  • It’s possible to create a children’s playground with soft floor, hills and benches.


  • There is no open space feeling in room as outside.
  • Project complexity and additional constructions increase the budget.
  • Park configuration and space are limited by engineering features of the building.

Initial budget

The budget defines size of adventure park, number of trails, variety of tasks and barriers. Amount of initial budget is estimated based on attendance of place, available space and on how well the target audience is explored.

It’s possible to start with one-two trails

Adventure park is easily adjustable, so it’s not necessary to take a huge credit for it and to build on the whole available space. To lower the risks, you can start with unexpensive type with one-who simple trails. It will help to estimate the flow of visitors and their interests and to gradually develop park into a universal complex with a climbing wall, zip line, tramp, kids’ zone and coffee corner. Such park attracts wide target audience and forms circle of regular visitors.

Advise: install a zip line

Even if you start with a simple park of one trail, install a zip line of a maximum possible length.

Quick rappelling is an exciting ride that is offered as a separate attraction.

Zip line downhill is cheaper than travelling down the trail. It takes just 10 minutes including preparing and briefing.

The visitor capacity is three times higher than one of the whole adventure park. While the attraction is a new thing for visitors, it will be justified and will bring enough income for further development of the park.

See standard projects of park of every type to define a budget:

  • treewalk villages,
  • high rope courses,
  • module parks.

Standard projects specify prices, optimized configurations and planned attendance of trails. The income calculator will help to estimate a monthly income.

The standard project is not provided for indoor parks. Every indoor park is unique and designed with consideration of individual specifications of the building.

How the project of adventure park develops from client’s request and consultation with manager to assembling, personnel training and opening. Whom do we hire, how we design and build.

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