How we work

Construction and maintenance of adventure parks

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How we work

Request and a standard project

Adventure park starts with a request. You order a call on our website, call us or write to us. Sales manager will answer you. His task is to answer the questions, to define what kind of park do you want and to explain how the park will look, and how much will it cost.

Nikolai is the head of sales department, he knows everything about parks. Nikolai worked for two years as an instructor in playland, worked in mounters crew, supervised adventure parks in Orenburg and Kirov. Nikolai is distinguished by being a hard worker, by his ability to negotiate with clients and to come up with marketing tricks. He is our indispensable sales director.

Manager asks a lot of questions: specifies budget, terms and target audience. Clarifies how much space you have and how do you plan to develop the park thereafter. Helps you to choose a park type, selects a standard design with necessary quantity of trails and tasks, and sends presentation with specification and approximate budget.

Presentation with standard design helps to imagine a future park and to adjust its type, preliminary trails configuration and types of tasks.

It’s impossible to tell ahead the full budget of adventure park. it’s necessary to measure the place and to develop a project first. Park price depends on trails configuration, on height and length of tasks, on complexity of assembling and on other factors. You can choose a timber type and colour of fire-retardant treatment, highlight the trails with ropes of different colors, order tasks of regularized round or glued laminated timber.

After gathering necessary information on future park and after submitting standard project with approval, manager negotiates about sending measurers.

Manager handles the project from the moment of receiving the request till the moment of opening the park. He answers questions, coordinates the project, helps you with documents. If your manager goes on vacation or sickens, his work will be given to another sales department employee.

Sending of measurers

Pictures and scheme of land property will help to measure size of a place and approximate park configuration. That is enough only for project of module park. For indoor adventure park, high rope course and for treewalk village it is necessary to see and measure the place. For that our measurers — project designer and technical director — visit costumer.

The measures are free, you pay only for travel, accommodation and food.

Measurers explore the place and its surroundings, mark strong and week trees, guesstimate location of trails and tasks. According to those data they calculate a detailed project, that is discussed and approved by customer.

Measurers design trails on the spot. They place huge tasks with severe ropes tension on high trees, and near paths they place entertaining tasks that attract visitors. The measurers also estimate height of trees, so that trails on different levels don’t cross each other.

Measurers guesstimate location of trails and tasks

Along with trails configuration, the measurers think over park’s logistics: location of entrance and exit, cash desks, start ans finish zones, jump ramp directions. It’s more pleasant and comfortable for visitors to walk in such parks, and instructors manage to do more and get tired less.

Parks installation shall be approved by a land plot owner. If city communication lines run through the land plot: telephone wire, gas pipeline or water pipe, the project is to be discussed with municipal services.


Measurement results are transferred to project developers.

Project developers are experienced adventure park constructors. They have a good grip for trails construction principles and for particularities of tasks for different heights and target audiences.

Project developers select tasks for every pair of trees and arrange them in correct order. The tasks are arranged according to their load type, so that visitor’s arms and legs get tired equally and power loads give place to dexterity and coordination exercises.

The park’s project will be created in AutoCAD, the necessary number of materials, ropes and screws will be calculated according to prepared scheme. As a result you’ll receive a 2D draft and a table with full list of all details and consumable materials.

Drawn up and estimated project will be sent to sales department manager who is responsible for coordination and approval of it. If you agree with everything, we sign the agreement and the project will be sent to manufacture and sending workshop.

If it is hard for you to imagine the finished project through table and draft, we can provide you with 3D model.

As far as the electronic form of document has legal force, we sign agreements through e-mail. Paper copies of the agreement will be signed on park handover. If you prefer to do it traditional way, we will send agreement and documentation with courier.

Manufacture and sending

After receiving prepayment we order materials and prepare tasks. If you want to open park by beginning of summer, you have to contact up in spring: order of materials and their manufacturing take one-two months.

Manufacture, preparing and completing of future park is performed by weldors in workshop. Weldors — are men from 20 to 50 years. There are novices who only learn woodwork and experienced craftsmen.

Anatoly is the head of workshop. He is responsible for quality of details processing, for set being complete and for quality on sending. Analoty worked as an instructor and as a mounter.

We order planed pines from cutting base. In a workshop timber is being tested for defects, cut, machined, drilled and face-grinded. The park construction doesn’t have any sharp edges, so it is impossible to get cut, and it won’t hook your clothes or equipment.

Assembly stages and standards are prescribed by internal instructions. Wooden details are treated with а preservative, so rain and moisture won’t affect them. Metal safeguard details are customized and covered with powder paint. Ends of ropes are fixed so that they don’t fray.

Ready details are being re-counted, packed and prepared for sending.

Assembly and putting into service

After preparing and sending of materials, team of constructors move out to the assembly place.

Out mounters are professional alpinists, constructors and sportsmen-climbers from 19 to 30 years.

Three-trails park is assembled by 5 people, large and urgent projects take up to three teams. Park in Astana was built by 12 people in ten days.

Hire personnel before start of assembling process. When we finish the park, we will train the instructors how to work with equipment, how to perform emergency grounding of visitors and how to implement preventive actions and repair of trails.

Technical director visits the park before its commissioning. He checks the park, signs acceptance act with customer and gives rope trails complex passport and certificates for materials and equipment. Along with the passport, we prepare park inspection register, briefing performance register and equipment delivery-acceptance register.

After project commissioning we add it to our portfolio, and the team goes home.

If you want us to build park without delays — prepare the location. Dispose of rubbish, install electricity and organize special equipment passage. If the project is urgent, our workers will need access to the territory for night works. The team will solve other matters themselves.

Warranty and maintenance

For the first year we provide you with free change of wooden details, of riggings and of ropes. We will also perform preventative examination at the end of first or at the beginning of next season.

After that you will be able to maintain the park without our help. We teach instructors how to repair the park, and the passport says what and when to inspect.

Our parks are intended for 10 years service. Ropes and riggings are zinked, timber is treated with preservative. All components and equipment are certified.

Selection of the park type depends on location. In a soft-wood forest the park is fixed on trees, in a gym hall it’s built out of blocks. If the trees are soft and low, the park is secured on artificial props.

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