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Indoor parks

Indoor park works all the year round and in any weather

Indoor parks are designed for specific buildings: shopping and entertainment or sports complexes, ex-manufactory rooms or exhibition pavilions.

Structures of adventure parks are fixed on building supports, secured to ceiling frames, combined with module constructions.

Length and difficulty of trails depend on building specifications and on available space. It is impossible for a non-specialist to evaluate room’s applicability according to pictures, so it’s necessary that an engineer visits the place.


Park works all the year around and in any weather.

Extensive infrastructure if it’s located in sports or shopping complexes.

It’s possible to create a children’s playground with soft floor, hills and benches.


There is no open space feeling in room as outside.

Design complexity and additional constructions increase project budget.

Park configuration and space are limited by engineering features of the building.

Typical designs of indoor parks

Park in a mall — 2 trails 8 props

Park is designed as a children’s playground with simple tasks for kids aged from 4 to 7 years. 6 meters high. Two routes with heights of 1 and 3 meters. Kids’ climbing wall 3×6 meters.

4 200
People per month


For kids aged from 4 years, 1 meter high.
For kids aged from 7 years, 3 meters high.

Trails and tasks are designed for kids aged from 4 to 7 years.

20 people can be in a park simultaneously.

Average visitors capacity — 70 people per hour.

Personnel — 2 people: instructor + cashier.

It is recommended to call second instructor on holidays.

It is placed on 8 props made of glued laminated timber. Some building columns act as supports.

Park height — 6 meters. Length of tasks — 3-4.5 meters.

Length of adventure park is 90 sq.m (9×10 m).

Recommended area size — 132 sq.m (11×12 m) for placing a cash register and for clear passage around the park.

Constructions square — m2

Income calculator
People per hour

4,200 ×

People per month

People per month = people per hour * 10 hours * 30 days in a month * 0.2

0.2 - attraction service coefficient

Ticket price



Approximate monthly income

Selection of the park type depends on location. In a soft-wood forest the park is fixed on trees, in a gym hall it’s built out of blocks. If the trees are soft and low, the park is secured on artificial props.

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